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rapid recall


Thursday 4th March 2021 @ 6:30 pm


Are you having struggles with your recall?   Has your dog suddenly forgot who you are? Maybe he has decided he has more fun on his own or running off to see other dogs and people?

This can happen, it just means we have got in a bad habit.


This course is online only (even after Covid) and specially designed to be online, its how it works to get that recall. This is suitable for dogs of all ages.


My course strips everything back and teaches the core techniques to get that recall, more check-ins on walks, added bonus your dog won't want to leave your side.


As we go through the course I teach you how to use a long line correctly, build on distractions, stop chasing plus so much more.  You will see the results during the first lesson.


Classes will be held on Zoom with each week being filmed where a copy will be sent to you along with notes.  You will also have access to Private what's app and Facebook group.


All training is positive, force-free, fun and reward-based training. 



Thursday 4th March 2021 @ 6:30 pm


All of this for £35  to book your space please email me at carolinemonk@puppyschool.co.uk with the subject Recall.


Check my reviews below


You will need a good standard lead and collar. No Chain link leads and no Flexi leads, please.

"Caroline has been great! I signed up for the 6 week puppy training and found it extremely useful. Caroline also reached out to me and invited me to take part in her recall class as she knew I had struggled previously with recall with my puppy! She has been so accommodating and if I ever need any help or advice she has advised me appropriately! She really cares for her clients and their pets and I would definitely recommend!! Thank you Caroline!! 🙂"

"Recall 123 online
Having done most of the Puppy Foundation course we had the opportunity to take part in this online course with our JRT Roxie . We found the course concise, specific and helpful in guiding us to get our puppy to recall. The sessions on line got us involved and the preparation guides sent out were useful and appropriate. It is a great foundation and Roxies response and engagement was both immediate and welcome. I highly recommend this class and can see results in such a short time"

Recall 1-2-3 (online)

What a fantastic 3 week course that we did online with our JRT - Roxie. The delivery was clear, the course had great structure, weekly activities to complete and handouts that guided us through the 3 weeks.
Our recall with Roxie was a little hit and miss, depending on how she was feeling and how switched on we were. From week 2 into week 3 we noticed a transformational change in Roxie and our attitude towards the most effective way dogs bounce back as a recall. And it was all about having fun with the training that we did with Caroline.
Don’t be put off by it being online - it actually works best that way because of no distractions to get the foundation of bounce back recalls.
Thank you Caroline for making this class informative, easy and FUN!!!

After successful and enjoyable puppy school training, we decided to join ‘Recall 1-2-3’ to work on our pup’s recall! Another fun, enjoyable and informative course with lots of useful tools for successful recall! We have definitely learnt some helpful tips that we can continue to build on! Caroline is so lovely, knowledgable and helpful that even when the course ends you can be assured she will still be happy to help if needed! I think this would be the perfect follow on course from puppy school and wish it had been available sooner! Although it is proof that you can still achieve successful recall at any age!