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Dogs are all around us: we see them at the park, at the beach, on the streets. Family, friends and neighbours have dogs and lots of us too! However, it’s important to know how to train dogs positively to live with children and how to raise our children to live in a world with dogs. This is why KAD – Kids Around Dogs exist!

I work with dogs and families to live in harmony together.

Kids Around Dogs is a 10-week program (sometimes an extra two sessions might be needed.) designed to help children (sometimes adults.) overcome their fear of dogs using CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy.)  We learn to understand what dogs are telling us with their body language.

Each week we learn something new about a dog, the child is then given a special task each week to work on.   I introduce my dog(s) in week 5 online then again later on in the course in person.

Lessons last about 20 minutes as not to bore the child.

I do normally use my own dogs but if you wish to use your own dog or a family member's dog please let me know as they will have to be assessed to make sure they are suitable for the course.

The full 10-week course is  £150.00 and must be paid in advance.

(Please note the course will be the same time and day each week.)

Own Dog Assessment £25.00

Please get in touch for further details.

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